Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk: A Break-Through New Formula

For Temporary Hair Color

Colorful, wash-out formulas in 8 vibrant shades for a temporary splash of color and style.

Revolutionary water based ink + micro-fiber polymers create an ultra thin film that adheres to the hair fiber. It’s not a traditional hair colorant, it’s not a direct dye: It’s a new form of makeup for hair.

  • Brilliant color intensity
  • Zero hair color transfer
  • No chalky texture
  • Washes out with shampoo in 2–10 washes

Professional Application:


  • For best results, apply to clean, dry hair. Use appropriate styling products for desired style prior to applying HAIRCHALK.
  • Brush hair into the desired style.
  • Wear protective gloves and apply a chemical drape to avoid staining hands and clothes.
  • Shake the HAIRCHALK bottle before each use.
  • Prepare the applicator by placing a foam tip on the handle.
  • Pour HAIRCHALK into the cup without exerting pressure on the bottle. Do not fill the cup entirely; just coat the bottom of the cup.


  1. Isolate a section of hair and use the foam tip to slide the color evenly down the strand where the effect is desired.
  2. Isolate the section of hair in your hand and comb with a fine tooth comb to smooth hair. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for the product to dry.
  3. Blow-dry colored section of hair with a styling brush. Follow with appropriate finishing products for the desired style.

At-Home Application:


  • Protect clothes by placing a dark towel over shoulders and wear suitable disposable gloves.
  • Use on clean, dry hair.


  1. Take one applicator from the envelope. Gently shake the bottle, & pour 3-4 drops onto the applicator. Close & pinch the applicator to allow the distribution of the color onto the whole applicator.
  2. Take small sections of hair & slide the applicator down the hair where the color is desired. Comb hair to ensure even result.
  3. Let the hair dry for 30 seconds to 1 minute and finish by blow-drying the colored section of the hair with a styling brush. Start with a small quantity of product & re-apply for even color if needed.


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