Lowlight Colour

Just as highlights lighten hair with strands of lighter color, lowlight color add dimension with strands of darker color.

If you were to examine a child’s head of hair, you would see strands of many colors from bright to dark. Natural hair color is not one shade of color, it’s many shades. When it comes to coloring your hair, your stylist may want to intersperse a few lowlights in with your highlights. Or she or he may decide to add in only lowlights to your hair to darken it without coloring your entire head.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Hair Lowlights?

Anyone who has a great natural base color is a good candidate for lowlights.

Blondes and women with light brown hair are excellent candidates. If your hair is naturally super black, then lowlights would not work on you because the chances of finding a darker color are unlikely.

Going Darker With Lowlights

If your natural hair base is already dark and you want to go a couple shades darker, your stylist can do this with lowlights using foils or balayage. It is a more natural looking alternative to all-over hair color, which turns all of your hair one color. Remember: dimension in hair color is best.

Lowlights work well on all hair colors. Your stylist may choose to paint in a red, auburn or brown color, perhaps even black. For the most natural color, she or he will likely stick to a shade that’s no more than 2-3 shades darker than your natural color.

Lowlights Mixed in With Highlights

When you get foils or balayage, consider asking your stylist to add in a few lowlights with your highlights to add dimension.

My stylist almost always uses a mix of lowlights and highlights when I get my hair colored in the fall (I prefer lighter hair in the spring and summer). She paints in color that’s a shade or 2 darker than my natural hair color, which is dirty blonde. She then follows that by painting my next strands lighter. When she’s done, my hair is full of beautiful, naturally looking colors.

You can opt for any percentage you want based on how dark or how light you want to go. For example, 20% lowlights and 80% highlights means you’ll stay rather light, but switch that and your hair will appear darker.

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