A professional hair stylist can distinguish between different facial bone structures and match them with the appropriate chignon.

At Cardinal Salon we pride in our good taste and professional hairstyling. Whether you’re a bride, or a guest attending a wedding, or simply attending a special occasion, we will take care of you and offer you an amazing chignon for your special occasion.

So what is a chignon you ask? Well the word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck, which is exactly where the hairstyle sits.  Essentially it’s a fancy low bun – something we have all done hundreds of times at home and in the office. But in its ‘chignon’ form it’s more Oscar-worthy. It can be sleek and sophisticated or loose and ethereal, if you’re unsure about wearing your hair up.

It suits many different bridal looks and allows brides to add their own personality easily, through  headpieces, hair clips, flower accessories, veils and bird cages. Just look how these brides have worn the chignon on their big day…

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